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By Alfred Edward Chalon - Science Museum Group, Public Domain

Celebrated every year on the second Tuesday of October

Once upon a time Charles Babbage invented a calculating engine, called the Analytical Engine.
Ada Byron, who would later become the countess of Lovelace, liked the Analytical Engine so much
that she helped Babbage with his calculations and articles made about the machine.
Ada believed that the Analytical Machine had potential beyond just doing simple math.
She believed that machines such as these would one day be able to make music and even poetry.

As a first step into expanding the possibilities of the Analytical Machine she wrote more than mere calculations.
She expanded it into a heavily formulated string of instructions to be used on the machine.
This form of using calculations as instructions is what we now know to be an algorithm.
It was the first step into developing machine languages or as we like to call it: programming.

Ada’s vision is now our present.
We live in a time where we cannot imagine a world without computers
that serve us in all the versatile ways that she imagined and even more.

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