Celebrated every fourth Sunday before Christmas until Christmas.

In several Christian religions Advent is the four week period before Christmas to prepare for days of Christmas itself.
The word “advent”comes from the latin word “adventus”, which refers to what Christians believe to be “the Second Coming of Christ”.

A simple way of celebrating advent is to light a candle for every week in the advance of advent.
This is why there are usually four candles on the Advent Sunday, unless an extra candle is added for the Advent Sunday itself.

Other ways to celebrate are:

  • the advent calendar to count the days
  •  a nativity scene depicting the birth of Jezus in the barn
  • the traditional Christmas decorations that most people use like the tree and lights and stuff.

Some people call this the “Advent Fast”.
This means that they do not eating three days of the week.
Some people even abstain from any type of festivity, including dancing.

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