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By Reedgunner (talk) - I (Reedgunner (talk)) created this work entirely by myself Public Domain

Allantide is celebrated every year on October 31.

Allantide¬† is also known as Kalan Gwav or also known as Nos Kalan Gwav or also known as Dy’ Halan Gwav.
Until Christianity forced yet another pagan holiday to become a Christian holiday and it became known as Saint Allan’s Day or also known as the Feast of Saint Allan or also known as Allan Night or also known as Allan Day.
It is hard to find who Saint Allen was. Not much is known for him except Allantide and the Saint Allan Church.

Allantide originated as a harvest festival in Cornwall.
The main theme and food of Allantide is big red juicy well polished apples.
On this holiday known as the allan apples.
Because themed names are fun.
Especially red apples were thought to be kinda magic because they could open portals to the Otherworld of the spirits and gods.

The Cornish version of apple bobbing is biting apples suspended from a wooden cross hanging from the ceiling without using your hands. The candles on the cross are lit so it’s a challenge to get the apple without being splattered with hot wax.
A wonderful game for people who say that apple bobbing is way too safe and needs more injuries!

Another game was to sleep with an allan apple under your pillow that night and the person you dream of would be your future mate.
But only if in the morning you ate that apple. Pfew…

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