Cream Filled Doughnut Day

Celebrated every year on September 14 Doughnuts, also known as donuts, are fried pieces of dough. These cream filled doughnuts do not have the traditional hole inside so there is more room for a sugary fatty filling to make this sinful treat even more irresponsible than regular doughnuts.

Gobstopper Day

Celebrated every year on September 14 are essentially a simple hard candy, Gobstoppers are known for being so big that they are almost impossible to eat. But when you do manage to eat them, you discover they have several layers of sweet sugary colors. Did you know gobstoppers do not only take a long time … Read moreGobstopper Day

Black cat appreciation through time

Currently in the time we are writing this, Summer 2019, the widespread superstition in the Western pop culture about black cats is that they are unlucky and/or the only cat fit for witches. Once upon a time, things were quite different… And even that changed for quite different times and quite different places. The culture … Read moreBlack cat appreciation through time