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Celebrated every year on October 7

Autumn Bath Day means time to make your body autumn ready!
Wash off the summer, the sweat, the beach sand and get clean for the holiday months.

Be sure to use a mild soap and a good scrub.
For defoliation may be great for our skin because rubbing off all those old dead skin cells let’s your skin breathe and stimulates rejuvenation of your skin.
Scrubbing is also great for the blood flow which benefits the whole surface of your body and gives that nice warm cosy glow.
If you have sensitive or dry skin, you might prefer to avoid SLS, SLES or other sulfate like detergents in your soaps and just go for nice old fashioned olive soaps or castille soaps.
You will get less foam, but your skin will thank you.

Why this date? It’s because according to some hoaxes the first bath tubs were installed in England and created enormous controversy. But the only controversy was the hoax many years later. So all that is left is a cute holiday just in time to prepare us for the holiday season while smelling freshly!

And on the importance of hygiene:

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