Celebrated every year on March 2


Just what the name says. Any type of cake or pie with a LOT of cream on top.
And in this case with banana!
Banana tastes great with whipped cream.
And both the words “banana” and “cream” go great with terribly bad jokes.

  • Banana Cream Pie Day is not to be confused with:
    • Coconut Cream Pie Day on May 8
    • Raspberry Cream Pie Day on August 1
    • Strawberry Cream Pie Day on September 28
    • Boston Cream Pie Day on on October 23
    • Bavarian Cream Pie Day on November 27
    • Lemon Cream Pie Day on November 29




The phrase “cream pie” is also used as a synonym for a certain kind of visuals in erotica.
Therefore we recommend  using “safe search” for a better chance of finding actual recipes.

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