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Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events
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Napping Day

Grass is Always Browner on the Other Side of the Fence Day

Take a Walk in the Park Day

I am in Control Day

Pencil Day

Doctor’s Day

Bunsen Burner Day

Eiffel Tower Day

World Backup Day

International Transgender Day of Visibility

Crayon Day

“She’s Funny That Way” Day

One Cent Day

Fossil Fools Day

Edible Book Festival

International Tatting Day


April Fools

Birthday Hans Christiaan Anderson

Tell-A-Lie Day

Peanut Butter and Jelly Day

Light It Up Blue

World Autism Awareness Day

Produce Manager Day

Walk to Work Day

Poet in a Cupcake Day

Don’t Go To Work Unless It’s Fun Day

Chocolate Moose Day

Tweed Day

World Party Day

Tangible Karma Day

International Firewalk Day


Cold Food Festival

Chocolate Milk Powder Day

Stray Animals Day

Cold Food Festival

Read a Road Map Day

Go For Broke Day

First Contact Day

Hospital Admitting Clerks Day

Caramel Day

Cold Food Festival

Tartan Day

Caramel Popcorn Day

Fresh Tomato Day

Sorry Charlie Day

New Beer’s Eve

No Housework Day ©

World Health Day

U.S. National Beer Day

Beaver Day

Coffee Cake Day

Full Pink Moon

Draw A Bird Day

International Day of Pink

All is Ours Day

Zoo Lovers Day

Trading Cards for Grown-ups Day ©

Name Yourself Day

Cherish an Antique Day

Unicorn Day


Chinese Almond Cookie Day

Siblings Day

Hot Cross Bun Day

Equal Pay Day

Salvation Army Founders Day

Encourage a Young Writer Day

Golfers Day

8-Track Tape Day

Cheese Fondue Day

Barbers Quartet Day

Submarine Day

Pet Day


Licorice Day

Big Wind Day

Grilled Cheese Sandwhich Day

Walk On Your Wild Side Day ©

Yuri`s Night



Scrabble Day

Plant Appreciation Day

Thomas jefferson Day



Be Kind to Lawyers Day

Reach as High as You Can Day

N’Ko Alphabet Day

Moment of Laughter Day


That Sucks Day

Rubber Eraser Day

Titanic Remembrance Day

Take A Wild Guesss Day

Jackie Robinson Day


Wear Pajamas to Work Day

Foursquare Day

High Five Day

College Student Grief Awareness Day

Eggs Benedict Day


Haiku Poetry Day

Day of Silence

Blah Blah Blah Day ©

Cheeseball Day

World Hemophilia Day


Columnist Day

Record Store Day

Hardware Freedom Day

Auctioneers Day

Husband Appreciation Day


Go Fly a Kite Day

Amaretto Day

Garlic Day

Bicycle Day

Poetry and the Creative Mind Day

Look Alike Day

Lima Bean Respect Day


Volunteer Recognition Day

Chinese Language Day

Red Cross Giving Day

Kindergarten Day


World Creativity and Innovation Day

Red Cross Giving Day

Bulldogs are Beautiful Day

Administrative Professionals’ Day

Chemists Celebrate Earth Day

Jelly Bean Day

Mother Earth Day

Chocolate Covered Cashews Day

Impossible Astronaut Day

Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day

Love Your Thighs Day

Talk Like Shakespear Day

Take a Chance Day

St. George’s Day

Día de la Chupina

Hairball Awareness Day

Pig in a Blanket Day

Animals in Laboratories Day


International Marconi Day

Sense of Smell Day

World Healing Day

Save the Frog Day

Independent Bookstore Day

Hug A Friend Day

Pinhole Photography Day

Pretzel Day

Hug An Australian Day ©

Richter Scale Day

Chernobyl Disaster Remembrance Day

Tell a Story Day

Morse Code Day

World Tapir Day

Marine Mammal Rescue Day

Graphic Design Day


Great Poetry Reading Day

Kiss Your Mate Day

Honesty Day

Superhero Day

Clean Comedy Day

International Guide Dogs Day

International Dance Day

Denim Day

We Jump the World Day

World Wish Day

Zipper Day

International Jazz Day

Hairstyle Appreciation Day

Walpurgis Night

Oatmeal Cookie Day

Spank Out Day

May Day

No Pants Day

Space Day

Tuba Day

Save The Rhino Day

Lei Day

Astronomy Day

Join Hands Day

Scrapbook Day

Work in your Garden Naked Day

Scurvy Awareness Day

Play Your Ukulele Day

Lemonade Day

World Laughter Day

Lumpy Rug Day

World Press Freedom Day

Garden Meditation Day

Two Different Colored Shoes Day

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