Caramel Apple Day is celebrated every year on October 31.

Today is one of the days where caramel apples or candy apples or taffy apples are on the Halloween menu. Along with candy corn (which you made or bought on Candy Corn Day) and pumpkin soup (with the leftovers from Pumpkin Day).

jp26jp / Pixabay

Candy apples predate the caramel apple.
It is said that in 1908 in New Jersey, while trying to make some new kinds of candy to sell for Christmas, candy-maker William W. Kolb created the red cinnamon candy apple. These sold well and soon became one of the staple treats sold at fairs, the beach and at the circus.

Caramel apples were probably created somewhere in the 1950  when Kraft Foods employee Dan Walker also experimented with making new candy.
At that time Kraft Foods had a lot of left over caramel from Halloween, so they recycled it in a creative way.

The following candy apples are a nice sticky tricky treat!

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