Celebrated every year on November 23.

Cashew nuts are seeds that we call nuts,
just like tomato is a fruit that we call vegetable.
The word “cashew” is a distorted derivation from the Portugese word for the cashew tree “cajú”,
which in turn is derived from the Tupian word “acajú”
which literally means “nut that produces itself”.

The cashew nut, or actually seed, grows in the lower side of a pseudofruit.
This pseudofruit is called “cashew apple”.
The cashew apple is a fruit like growth
that is not botanically a fruit,
but looks and tastes like a fruit.
Like strawberries which are also pseudofruits.
The cashews grow on the bottom of the cashew apple in the real fruit,
which is not deemed very edible because it’s all hard shells.
Food is complicated, but delicious.

“The cashew was once nicknamed the blister nut,
because if you try to eat it raw from the tree,
your mouth pays the price.
The cashew is not a nut,
however; it’s a seed.”

— Kate Christensen

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