World Orphans Day

Celebrated on the second Monday of each November. World Orphans Day was created by The Stars Foundation to raise awareness about the number of orphans who still don’t have a forever home and too many grow up never having a forever home.

World Adoption Day

Celebrated every year on November 9. World Adoption Day was created by Hank Fortener, the founder of Hank thought it to be of importance to have a global awareness day about the importance of giving children without family a forever home. “Adoption is not about finding children for families, it’s about finding families for …

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Mother-In-Law Day

Mother-In-Law Day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday in October. Mother-In-Law Day was probably created on on March 5, 1934, when it was initiated by the editor of the local Amarillo newspaper. Despite their terrible reputation of being evil beings, this author has to meet an evil mother-in-law yet. Some mother in laws are nicer …

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