International Students’ Day

Held every year on November 17. International Students’ Day was created in 1941 to comemorate Nazi’s storming the University of Prague after demonstrations against the German occupation of Czechoslovakia in 1939. Nine students were killed and over 1200 students were send to concentration camps. All Czech universities and colleges were closed. International Students’ Day is … Read more International Students’ Day

Columbus Day

Celebrated every year on the second Monday in October Since Columbus is rapidly decreasing in popularity as more people know more about the history of “discovering America”. Columbus Day is often replaced with Native American Day because native Americans lived in the American continents long before Columbus and even the vikings “discovered” the territory long … Read more Columbus Day

International Animation Day

International Animation Day is celebrated every year on October 28. International Animation Day was created by ASIFA  in 2002 to honor what is often called in history “the birth of animation” which happened on October 28 1892 when ’s in Paris had it’s first public performance of the projected moving images and .     … Read more International Animation Day