International Students’ Day

International Students’ Day

Held every year on November 17. International Students’ Day was created in 1941 to comemorate Nazi’s storming the University of Prague after demonstrations against the German occupation of Czechoslovakia in 1939. Nine students were killed and over 1200 students were send to concentration camps. All Czech universities and colleges were closed. International Students’ Day is …

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World Freedom Day

Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.Also known as World Freedom Day The separation of  Germany in a West and East Germany began originally as a safety measure to end the second World War for good. But in the following years this border would turn into a grave political wall and eventually …

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Chaos Never Dies Day

Every year on November 9. A single creator for this holiday was not found, but…. Let’s ask history! These chaotic events all happened on a November 9: 1872: The Great Boston Fire. U.S.A. In the that lasted about 12 hours, 776 buildings were destroyed. It didn’t help that most buildings were mostly wooden, the water …

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King Tut Day

King Tut Day is celebrated every year on November 4. On November 4, 1922 King ‘s tomb was found by . This was a great find. Because the grave was still in a good state and the many gifts and good enough state of the decorations in the tomb gave us a LOT of information about …

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Steve Jobs Day

Steve Jobs Day was created in 2011 by the then . This was shortly after Steve Jobs passing away from . was well known as the and of , Steve Jobs did not build the computers, nor did he write any of the code. He just .

Columbus Day

Celebrated every year on the second Monday in October Since Columbus is rapidly decreasing in popularity as more people know more about the history of “discovering America”. Columbus Day is often replaced with Native American Day because native Americans lived in the American continents long before Columbus and even the vikings “discovered” the territory long …

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Ada Lovelace Day

Celebrated every year on the second Tuesday of October Once upon a time invented a calculating engine, called the . , who would later become the countess of Lovelace, liked the Analytical Engine so much that she helped Babbage with his calculations and articles made about the machine. Ada believed that the Analytical Machine had …

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