Nanomonestotse Preparation

Nanomonestotse Preparations start on the third Monday of October. This celebration of is supposedly a somewhat new holiday among some . It is said to have been started in the early by Marion Young. Marion wanted to pass on peaceful celebrations to later generations. The preparations consist of building miniature traditional villages, preparing the Nanomonestotse …

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Thanksgiving, USA

Celebrated every year on the fourth Thursday in November. Once a year there is this feast where people get absolutely stuffed and remember that time when a group of Native Americans and a group of pilgrims had a nice meal together. It is just one of the holidays that are an excuse to get absolutely …

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Indian Pudding Day

Celebrated every year on November 13. Indian pudding is sort of a porridge of milk, corn, eggs, spices, dried fruits and nuts that is slowly baked till it gets really thick.

Native American Day

Celebrated every year on the second Monday in October Native American Day is celebrated on the same day as Columbus Day. Or actually for many people Native American Day replaces Columbus Day. Because how can you discover a land that was already inhabited?