World Smile Day®

World Smile Day® is celebrated on the first Friday in October. World Smile Day® was created by Harvey Ball who claimed to be the creator of the Smiley Face®. Harvey was concerned about commercialization of his Smiley Face®, so he created World Smile Day® to be celebrated from 1999 on.  The Harvey Ball World Smile Foundation was created to continue World … Read more World Smile Day®

Black cat appreciation through time

Currently in the time we are writing this, Summer 2019, the widespread superstition in the Western pop culture about black cats is that they are unlucky and/or the only cat fit for witches. Once upon a time, things were quite different… And even that changed for quite different times and quite different places. The culture … Read more Black cat appreciation through time

World Techno Day

Celebrated very year on December 9. World Techno Day was probably celebrated for the first time in  2003. The date was chosen as it was the birth date of Juan Atkins, who is widely credited with being the originator of the term “”. World Techno Day was created by the Belleville Three, who were then composed … Read more World Techno Day