Mickey Mouse Day

Mickey Mouse Day

Celebrated every year on November 18. Mickey Mouse Day is the anniversary of who first saw the silver screen on this day in 1928 in the cartoon . He actually appeared first on “Plane Crazy” but Disney decided that Steamboat Willy was the real debut where he got Mickey the way he wanted to portray …

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Author’s Day

Author’s Day

Author’s Day is celebrated every year on November 1. Author’s Day was created in 1928 by Nellie Verne Burn McPherson who was then president of the Bement Women’s Club. She made this day in honor of one of her favorite writers of fiction Irving Bacheller. McPherson had written him a letter telling him how much …

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Magic day

Magic day

Magic Day is every year on October 31. Magic Day was created 1938 when a Chicago member of the Society of American Magicians got official permission for a Houdini Day from Mrs. Houdini. On October 311:26 p.m. on October 31, 1926, in Room 401 at Detroit’s Grace Hospital died from the complications of a at …

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Punk for a Day Day

Punk for a Day Day is celebrated every year on October 25. When people talk about punk they talk about . The way began was probably in short: It was the 1970-something…or something alike. Youth facing economic and political crisis’s and older generations they could not identify with. They had a lot of reasons to be …

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iPod Day

iPod Day is celebrated every year on the anniversary of the first release of the on October 23 2001. Back in 2001, portable music players were still mostly cassette s and portable . Having music on was quite a novelty back then. Also the iPods were pretty and in Apple tradition advertised religiously. The first …

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World Smile Day®

World Smile Day® is celebrated on the first Friday in October. World Smile Day® was created by Harvey Ball who claimed to be the creator of the Smiley Face®. Harvey was concerned about commercialization of his Smiley Face®, so he created World Smile Day® to be celebrated from 1999 on.  The Harvey Ball World Smile Foundation was created to continue World …

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Science Fiction Day

Celebrated every year on January 2 The date for Science Fiction Day was chosen because it is also the birthday of the legendary science fiction author whose  influenced many other fictional creations concerning robots. Science fiction stories have been made ever since we have stories. Because we always dreamed of a future where we could …

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Celebrated every year on December 23 Festivus was created by author Daniel O’Keefe and was first celebrated by his whole family in  1966. The Latin word “festus”, means “joyous; holiday, feast day”. The date of Festivus was chosen to celebrate the anniversary of Daniel O’Keefe’s first date with his future wife, Deborah. In 1982, Daniel …

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