Homekeeper Day

Celebrated every year on November 3. This holiday was formerly known as “Housewife Day”. But nowadays the jobs of keeping the home are often split between the people in the home or men actually take the job of homekeeper. Therefore the term “housewife” has become outdated. The job of homekeeper is still often overlooked as …

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Boss’ Day

Boss’ Day is celebrated on October 16, unless it’s weekend. Patricia Bays Haroski created  “National Boss’ Day” and registered it with the U.S. in 1958. Patricia worked as a for her father at an insurance company. So…ehm….this holiday might not have been entirely in it’s motivation. But who are we to judge…. *sips tea* How to …

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Vet Nurse Day

Vet Nurse Day is celebrated every second Friday in October Vet Nurse Day was created in 2005 by the British Veterinary Nursing Association (BVNA) and has now grown to an entire Vet Nurse Month. Today we honor those compassionate people that assist the vets in treating our beloved animals with the best health care possible. …

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Dewey Decimal System Day

Celebrated every year on December 10. Dewey Decimal System Day celebrates the birthday of Melvil Dewey (1851-1931) inventor of the Dewey Decimal system of library classification. The is a numerical system used in organizing library books. Because books are for several reasons hard to organize by a simple linear system, another system that “1, 2, …

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Miners’ Day

Celebrated every year on December 6. Miners’ Day was created in 2009when the United States Senate approved the resolution for this holiday by the Miners’ Day Memorial Association of West Virginia.  

Job Action Day

Celebrated every year on the first Monday of November Job Action Day was founded by Quintcareers in 2008. Currently Job Action Day is hosted and sponsored by Livecareers. Which is pretty much the actually.

Love Your Lawyer Day

Celebrated every year on the first Friday of November. Love Your Lawyer Day was created in 2001 by Nader Anise, Executive Director of the ALPIA. While lawyers have a bad reputations of defending criminals. Court cases usually have two sides. The real job of good lawyers is to provide facts that lead to justice. Being …

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