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Cats for President Day

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No matter where you live, do you feel like your country is ruled by monkeys banging on keys?
What if your country or even the world was ruled by a cat?
Would you like a playful cute kitten for president?
Or rather a gracious chatty siamese cat?
Or a distinct cultured library cat?
Or a feisty street cat?

February 20, remembers Socks Clinton, the First Cat of the United States.
Socks was born in 1990 as a stray cat who lived a hard live on the streets of Arkansas until one day he saw Chelsea Clinton leaving the house of her piano teacher and decided to adopt her.
He charmed her and jumped into her arms. He made a good choice.

Socks the Cat Sitting Behind the President’s Desk in the Oval Office

When Chelsea’s father, Bill Clinton, was elected president in 1993, Socks Clinton gained the status of “presidential pet”.
Socks became First Cat of the United States, but he was not the first cat to be in this position.
Many animals have been presidential pets. Many presidents had cats, dogs, but also donkeys, mice and even a foul mouthed parrot.
Socks accompanied the president on some visits and even had his likeness used as a mascot on the website of the White House.

However being a cat, Socks was not very practical as company for visits and was replaced in 1997 by a labrador named Buddy.
Socks did not appreciate the competition and it led to a conflict that, according to president Clinton, was more complicated than dealing with Israelite’s and Palestinians.

After the Clintons left the White House when George H Bush became president, Socks moved in with the secretary Bettie Curry to be far away from the pesky dog.
In her care he made several occurrences at parades and other public events.
Socks lived until he passed away in 2009 at the ripe age of 19-ish.

Socks may not have been a president.
But we could wonder what would happen if he was.
That picture of him at the microphone does speak to the imagination.
We have seen the weirdest politicians by now.
Maybe we should consider a non human for president.

If you don’t like cats, then has been trying to make hamsters for president for over a decade.
Do you prefer another animal for president? Which one would it be and why would that animal be a great president?

What? I don’t even live for a 4 years period!
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