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The creator for this holiday was Chaos itself.
These chaotic events all happened on a November 9:

The Great Boston Fire. U.S.A.

In the Great Boston Fire that lasted about 12 hours, 776 buildings were destroyed.
It didn’t help that most buildings were mostly wooden, the water supply wasn’t properly organized, the alarm system was a bit too false-alarm proof, there was an epidemic among the horses that pulled the fire brigade wagons, the attempt to control the fire by blowing up nearby buildings didn’t go too well……and some other problems as well.
They were not properly prepared for this chaos.

Mitsui Miike Coal Mine disaster . Japan

In the Mitsui Miike Coal Mine disaster a coal dust explosion happened after  a coal cart derailed, sending several other cars to go in a wild free fall, causing several kinds of destruction on their way, causing a lot of coal dust and the accompanying sparks to ignite the coal dust.
About 20 people were killed in the explosion, 438 suffocated from acute carbon monoxide poisoning and 839 lived to suffer the after-effects of carbon monoxide poisoning.
No precautions were taken in the form of dust control or better ventilation.
They were not properly prepared for this chaos.

Northeast blackout. U.S.A.

In the Northeast blackout of 1965 a power station found out by experience that a setting on one of the protective relay wasn’t optimal for the certain situation that happened.
When an unaccounted for transmission line fell out, too much power was directed in another way which caused an overload…..which caused another direction that caused an overload, and that happened several other times.
This caused a blackout of about 13 whole hours in parts of Canada and parts of the U.S.A. An area of about 207.000km (80.000 square miles or 1.162.921.348,315 square bananas).
Over 30 million people were left without electricity. Factories and stores shut down. TV and radio stations went out of the air and the night was especially dark because no street lights or indoor electric lights could be used.
Had the settings on the relay been mapped  better and had there been overload prevention, then this would not have happened.
They were not properly prepared for this chaos.

Nuclear false alarm. U.S.A.

The NORAD computers at Alternate National Military Command Center in Fort Ritchie, Maryland picked up the signatures of a serious nuclear attack from the Soviet Union consisting of 220 nuclear missiles aimed to destroy U.S. nuclear command centers and nuclear-armed bombers and missiles.
Correction! 2200 nuclear missiles were on their way!
Nuclear bombers were prepared to be send out for retaliation and interceptors were sent on their way.
These measures could very well have been the start of WW III!
Just in time the computer operators found out that a simulation tape was left in the NORAD computer.
The attack was called off.
Crisis barely averted.

This event inspired the 1983 movie “WarGames” where a student hacks into a militairy supercomputer and starts to play a simulation game with the AI. However the AI is buggy and confuses the simulation for reality and actually deploys nuclear missiles, almost starting WWIII.

Several other glitches still happened and even happened in 2010.
And those are only the false alarms we actually heard of.
They were not properly prepared for this chaos.

Fall of the Berlin Wall. Germany.

By Sue Ream

Finally a good type of chaos!
For many years the Berlin Wall was one of the great barriers that separated East Europe and West Europe.
Once set up as a way to split up Germany after WW II, the division became more and more a new problem as the Cold War progressed. The Eastern Bloc had a reputation as a not very happy part of the world.
People who dared to cross the Wall illegally risked being fatally shot.

In 1989 the rules about the Wall became somewhat less restricted. But chaos struck in media making it report that people could now cross the Wall unrestricted. The hoax spread like the Chinese whispers game and actual chaos ensued. More and more people gathered to travel the cursed border freely and the wall was actively being attacked and destroyed.
And so by chaotic power of the people one of the first steps was taken to German reunification and reunite families that had been separated for decades.
No one was properly prepared for this chaos.
This chaos was celebrated world wide.

Presidential Elections in the US

The world is in constant uncertainty about whether a war is going to be declared or their salaries cut off or their felines being grabbed.
Satire media lost their satirical edge because of reality being more absurd than any jokes they could ever make.

Technically there is no such thing as chaos and coincidence,
because everything is bound to the cause and effects of physical forces.
Chaos is merely the part of structure
where we cannot oversee the structures anymore
with our teeny tiny human brains.

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