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Checklist Day is celebrated every year on October 30.

This is a good day to work on making checklists for things that are really important to prepare well.
Checklist Day has sad and very confronting origins.
In 1935 on October 30 Boeing introduced their new model that would revolutionize U.S. military.

The Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress was in development for 5 years. Great efforts mere made to use well researched modern technology.
A great show was planned to introduce this price model that would supposedly change everything.
Everything was going to be perfect.
Except that after take off, the plane crashed killing both the pilot and the test pilot.
Everything was perfect. Except that the crew forgot to disengage the gust locks.
No idea what those are but it hindered the plain from going up and instead it made a horrible nosedive.

Later on the B-17 Flying Fortress would still get into production and get a long thriving career of death and destruction during WW II.
But the first impression was an epic fail so they missed a multi-million contract.
Oh, and the lives of two crew members.

Had the crew made a good well revised checklist. This crash would not have happened.
[tooltip tip=”And can get you multi-million contracts if you are lucky.”]And that is why checklists save lives.[/tooltip]

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