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Celebrated every year on December 4.

Cookie Day was created in 1980 by the Cookie Monster.
Because cookie is all the reason he needed.
Nom nom nom, nom!

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The word “cookie” probably came from the Scottish word “cooky” or “cucky” which both mean “tiny baked morsels”.
Or the Dutch word “koekje” which came from the diminutive word for “tiny cake”.
But cookies are so old that we cannot really know for sure which of those words came first.

Some of the different types of cookies are:

  • Bar cookies or tray bakes.
    These cookies are baked like shallow cakes
    and then cut into bars or squares. Like brownies.
  • Rolled Cookies.
    Cookies made from thinly rolled stiff dough
    and then cut into shape before baking.
  • Drop cookies.
    A soft dough is dropped or spooned on a baking sheet.
    Drop cookies often contain butter and spread out when baking.
  • Filled cookies.
    A filling is sandwiched or folded into rolled cookie dough.
  • Sandwich cookies.
    A filling is sandwiched between baked cookies.
  • No bake cookies.
    A dough is made that is safe to eat without baking.
    The difference with truffles is mostly the cookie shape

There are several other, more specific cookie holidays to celebrate throughout the year:

“Friend something better than chocolate ice cream…
Maybe friend somebody you give up last cookie for.”

— Cookie Monster

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