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Create A Great Funeral Day is held every year on October 30.

It is important to mention that Create A Great Funeral Day is no prank holiday, but a very serious one to raise awareness on the importance of being prepared for that when you die, a funeral bring more fuss then you think off when everyone is still alive.

Create A Great Funeral Day was created by Stephanie West Allen after being confronted with several sudden deaths, among who her life mate. While grieving the loved one the preparations still needed to be made. Knowing what those dearly departed would have wanted would have made those arrangements a lot less stressful.
In 1999 Stephanie wrote the book Creating Your Own Funeral or Memorial Service: A Workbook as a means of recognizing life celebrations.

For this day share with your loved ones your wishes and ideas for your funerals.
Or if rather be cremated that is also very important information.

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