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Celebrated every year on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere.
(though many people disagree with this
and rather follow different calendars
that are considered canon in their specific religion)

Easter is considered to be a religious holiday in some Abrahamic religions.
Because of the dates being in spring and the assimilation of other religions, Easter merged with other traditional Spring Festivals.
Hence the bunnies and the eggs which are fertility symbols in several other religions.

There is a table of comparison for the dates for every different date to celebrate easter:

Year Astronomical Easter Jewish Passover Gregorian Easter Julian Easter
2019 March 24 April 20 April 21 April 28
2020 April 12 April 9 April 12 April 19
2021 April 4 March 28 April 4 May 2
2022 April 17 April 16 April 17 April 24
2023 April 9 April 6 April 9 April 16
2024 March 31 April 23 March 31 May 5
2025 April 20 April 13 April 20 April 20  

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