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Celebrated every year on November 29.

As far as known, the first website with the functionality to let users send out e-cards was called “The Electric Postcard”.
The Electric Postcard was created in 1994 by Judith Donath and was hosted at the MIT Media Lab.
In a year or 2 The Electric Postcard was used to send thousands of cards per day and won several awards among which was the “GNN Best of the Net” award in 1995.
The source code of the script behind The Electric Postcard was made public on the condition that users would share the improvements with each other.
Since then many e-card sites became available online.

In the following decade the popularity of e-cards slowly declined.
The novelty was gone.
People could share pictures and video’s on social media, etc.
But on a less happy note there are also a lot of draw backs on sending e-cards when you have to give a company email addresses of other people or when fishing mails can falsely claim someone send you a card if you click on a link……that will lead you to a malware site instead of a cute card.
If you still like sending e-cards, then please practice safe sending.
Do not trust any obscure company.

The safest way of sending e-cards is to make the picture yourself and just attach it in the email.
And be careful to use blind carbon copy when using multiple recipients. 😉

“Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
This carbon copied greeting card
I send just to you…
..and you..
…and you..

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