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Annular Solar Eclipse

June 21, 2020 @ 03:45 - 09:34

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When the Moon blocks out the Sun, but…
Where Moon and Sun are visible from the Earth surface
First occurrence:
Before humans
An annular solar eclipse occurs when the Moon is too
far away to completely cover the Sun’s disk.

This gives the effect of a more massive corona,
which is the circle of light from the sun that you see
around the edges of the moon.

It’s quite pretty….when you look at it safely with eclipse glasses.
Always get special eclipse glasses when you want to watch
an eclipse, because looking in the sun can still be harmful
even when most of the sun is covered.
When the Moon is between the Sun and the Earth,
we see a Solar Eclipse.

A lot of eclipses are sloppy and merely give Partial Solar Eclipses.
There are three types of eclipses where the Moon gets
exactly between the Earth and the Sun.

Sometimes the Moon cannot block out
the Sun completely..

When the Moon is a little closer to the Sun than other times,
we get an Annular Solar Eclips where we still see
the edges of the Sun.

When the Moon blocks out the Sun completely,
we get a Total Solar Eclipse and we only see a little light
peeking from behind the Moon.

In a rare case  the Moon almost blocks out the Sun completely. This results in the Hybrid Solar Eclipse where some parts
of the Earth see a Total Eclipse and some parts of the Earth
see the Annular type.
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June 21, 2020
03:45 - 09:34
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