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Celebrated every year on September 30

Once upon a time a nameless Greek city had no patron god.
Asking around the city found both Poseidon and Athena willing to be their patron deity.
But how to choose between two gods who were honestly both quite awesome?
Of course the most fun and efficient way would be to let those gods have a contest, because who wouldn’t want to watch two gods compete in being awesome?

The dispute of Athena and Poseidon over the patronage of Athens. Engraving from the British Museum.

Poseidon went first and he struck a rock with his mighty trident…
He summoned a mighty horse from the rocks which immediately reared himself on it’s strong muscled hindlegs.
Poseidon really likes horses. He also later made the hippocampus which is a half horse and half fish creature which he and his court loved to use as impressive steeds.
Also, Poseidon would become the father of Pegasus, the legendary winged horse. With Meduse as the post-humous mother. Because Poseidon had a huge crush on Medusa in her less dangerous days.

Athena was next and all accounts of this story agree that when her divine sword struck the earth, a big lush olive tree arose bearing beautiful plump olives.
Athena showed the citizens with her godly fast crafting powers how to process the olives into the now wellknown hearty snacks, or better, the wonderful gold and green olive oil
that not only became a staple for many healthy salads,
but also could be used for many types of body care.
And Greeks were, especially in the old times, known for their love of naked sporty bodies. 
It’s the nation that invented the gymnasium and Olympics and made many of the oldest depictions of athletics and body building.

So no matter amazing Poseidon’s horse was.
The dandy Greek citizens fell in love with the possibilities of olive tree.
And that is the true legend of how the city of Athens got it’s name.

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