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Celebrated every year on September 13

The origins of these cookies is quite interesting,
because the notion that fortune cookies are a sacred Chinese tradition is pretty much a Western belief.
How did they start and how did they catch on?
It’s a very interesting history.

The insides of the cookies are by far the most interesting part.
Some belief them, some don’t.
In our experience some brands of fortune cookies are quite fun to hand out to people and watch even skeptically people wonder about how close to home a fortune can strike.
The secret to this is either very awesome magic, or a clever application of the Barnum Effect (also known as the Forer Effect). which is a very interesting confirmation bias that we all fall for in some way almost every day.
If you know how it works, you just learned the first lesson in how to be a great fake fortune teller!

“Which reminds me of a fortune cookie:
you often find your destiny on the path you take to avoid it.”
— Hector Elizondo

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