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Halloween is celebrated every year on October 31.

Sadly, we must start this story with the elimination of some misconceptions. In contrary to popular belief Halloween is not an original American holiday.
Halloween is not even merely a copy of Samhain.
Halloween has no roots in Christianity.
Halloween has no roots in satanism either. Which is in root a Christian belief.

MabelAmber / Pixabay

Halloween finds it’s origin in the concept of harvest festivals everywhere. But mostly those in the Celtic and Gealic regions. Which we now know as Europe and several regions near Europe.
The timing of Halloween has everything to do with the seasons in the Northern Hemisphere.
The end of October falls in autumn in a time where often the harvest of several kinds of crops have been done or are about to be done.
Autumn is a time where the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer.
We are going towards winter when many plants are dying and thus everything still alive is preparing itself to survive the cold and harsh winter.
No wonder that this time is seen as the twilight zone between the world of the living and dying when we are going from the lively summer to the deadly winter!

Traditional turnip lantern, clearly not made to look friendly

In the new Halloween we still see the old pagan customs of mumming which now became trick or treating.
Instead of carving turnips we now carve pumpkins.
Apple bobbing is one of the very old games celebrating the harvest.
And the whole scary part is from our old superstitious past of being afraid in the increasing dark. Oh wait…we are still actually that superstitious.
Let’s scare away the scary ghosts by dressing up like one of them, is also a custom so old we don’t remember starting it.

New Halloween is more commercial and more colorful.
But actually not very much has changed since millennia ago.
It’s still all about staying alive.


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