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Celebrated every year on November 30.

International Computer Security Day was created in 1988 by the Association for Computer Security
to raise awareness about computer security issues.
The need to raise awareness for computer security is still obviously relevant. Therefore this holiday is still celebrated worldwide.

  • Check that you are not logged in to your computer under an admin account that makes it easy for malware to install without needing any confirmation. Using a user account ensures that no viruses can install without needing explicit confirmation. Unless it’s a trojan or a piggyback software of course.
  • Change your password if it was quite a while ago that you last changed that password.
  • Use a strong password. Passwords like “password”, “12345678” and “dirty” words are the first passwords that get cracked in a dictionary attack. Smart attacks don’t start at “A”. They start at “penis”, which obviously is NOT an original nor a safe password. So wrap that password up!Things to do to celebrate International Computer Security Day include:

 “As the world is increasingly interconnected,
everyone shares the responsibility of securing cyberspace.”

— Newton Lee

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