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emiliojuares / Pixabay

International Day of the Nacho is celebrated on October 21.

When you not only get tipped well, but also get a statue.

A common situation is having a craving for a snack.
But there are no snacks in the house.
Either you go hungry, or you make something with whatever is left in the house.
Often those snacks are acceptable enough.
Sometimes though, your snack turns out so well that a statue is raised in honor of your snack skills…

It is said that nachos were created in 1943 when maître d’hôtel Ignacio “Nacho” Anaya got customers awkwardly late in the evening and made a snack from leftover food.
Ignacio cut fried corn tortillas into bits covered it with melted cheese, sprinkled it with jalapeno peppers and called it Nachos Especiales.
Ignacio would later open his own restaurant “Nacho’s Restaurant”.
After his death a statue was erected in his honor in Piedras Negras.

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