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Celebrated every year on November 19.

International Men’s Day was introduced by Thomas Oaster and celebrated first in 1992 where it was celebrated on February 23.
It is rumored that International Men’s Day has been celebrated earlier.
International Mens Day was revived in 2009 when the Maltese AMR Committee voted to change the date officially to November 19 because that date was trending for International Mens Day in several countries.
Since then, International Mens Day is being celebrated world wide on the same day.

This day we reflect on how sexism in our society hurts men.
Men are not allowed to be anything that is not manly, because femininity is wrong, but men are still expected to be attracted to women, but not be like them. Because of….
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Sexism is cramping our style, regardless of gender.

Celebrate International Men’s Day by being the man that YOU want to be.
You want to fire up the BBQ, you can, but only if you want to.
You don’t have to prove anything.
Because you are manly just the way you are.

“No one is more arrogant toward women,
more aggressive or scornful,
than the man who is anxious about his virility.”

–Simone de Beauvoir

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