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King Tut Day is celebrated every year on November 4.

On November 4, 1922 King Tutankhamun‘s tomb was found by archaeologist Howard Carter.
This was a great find. Because the grave was still in a good state and the many gifts and good enough state of the decorations in the tomb gave us a LOT of information about the live of pharaohs in that time.
This discovery sparked in the twenties a real Tut-mania and a revival of many elements of ancient Egyptian fashion were used in the twenties fashion.

Tutankhamun’s enemies tried real hard to remove him from history as soon as the young king died.
Which was made easy because King Tut was really quite young. He started his reign as an 9 year old boy and died at the age of 19 hardly having tasted maturity.
Being hid from the people also kept his remains safe from grave robbers.
Which made his grave the first intact pharaoh grave found by archaeologists and made king Tutankhamun very ironically larger than live long after his early death.

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