March 8 is International Women’s Day!

The first Women’s Day was organized by the Socialist Party of America to celebrated in 1909 on February 28 as a one time event.
The International Socialist Woman’s Conference encouraged Women’s Day to be a yearly event to help with female emancipation.
The date was initially not specified and was held on a different date at the beginning of each year.
In 1914 Women’s Day was first held on the current date of March 8 and has been celebrated on that date ever since.
In 1975 Women’s Day was adopted by the United Nations and became International Women’s Day.

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The way to celebrate International Women’s Day varied depending on the place where it was celebrated.
Some celebrate female physique, or being creative with the local female stereo types to raise necessary questions about things that have been taken for granted for a long time.
But in many places protest was also part of Women’s Day. Especially when Women’s Day was still a new holiday there where sex and gender discrimination were severe problems.
For instance, in many European countries women weren’t allowed to vote in the beginning of the 20th century and were banned from quite a lot of jobs.
In many parts of the world International Women’s Day is not celebrated. Either because it is not known by everyone or because people think the holiday is irrelevant…

Obligatory pussy joke goes here…

The relevance of International Women’s Day still sparks many heated discussions. Just like when it was a new holiday. The controversy is a relevant “detail” that raises many relevant questions in itself.
Heated emotions are often a sign of the absence of equality.
The list of arguments about the many types of discrimination both against and by women are endless. And the arguments about what gender encompasses gives this already endlessness another dimension of infinity.
All arguments, whether valid or not come down to the main problem of discrimination in all it’s forms being a rampant problem among all humans everywhere.
Every step we take in solving discrimination is one step forward.
Women can finally vote in many countries and even some politicians are now female.

Who cares. Just keep the bathroom clean and wash your paws!

Sometimes on this day some men feel left out.
There is no need for that because there is an International Men’s Day on November 19.
And how about the other genders?
Great question! Humans are still busy evolving in a social psychological way to accept biological and cultural observations over simply not questioning traditions.
A part of humans getting smarter is figuring out which genders can be scientifically proven, which is quite easy, but the real hard question is to globally agree on a name. Because grouping everything not strictly female or male into intersex is in the experience of many intersex individual too broad of a generalization.
So far, transgenders have International Transgender Day of Visibility and Transgender Day of Remembrance.
I think I remember some more of these holidays hiding in the big huge Wild Calendar.
This will be a great story for another day when we found them all and then some more!

Your observation might be confused here. First, Big Max was a male hamster. Second, of course that dress was digitally added. It did look gorgeous on him though.


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