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Mother-In-Law Day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday in October.

Mother-In-Law Day was probably created on on March 5, 1934, when it was initiated by the editor of the local Amarillo newspaper.

Despite their terrible reputation of being evil beings, this author has to meet an evil mother-in-law yet.
Some mother in laws are nicer than mothers. We all have different results at the family-lottery.

If your mother-in-law is of the nice kind, then show her the appreciation that she deserves.
For too often, when things go well, we take them granted and they go unnoticed.
While when things do not go well, they make a huge impression and sometimes that is how scary legends come into existence.

Is there a Father-In_Law Day?
Great question! If you find one. Please mention it in the comments!
If we find none, we should either make one or turn Mother-In_Law day into Parent-In-Law Day or even In-Law-Family to share more of the fun!



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