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Merio / Pixabay

Celebrated every year on July 31 and December 2.

mutt /ˈmət/
1 a stupid or insignificant person
2 : a mongrel dog. Also known as: “mongrel”, “cur”, “tyke” or “hybrid”

People often tend to prefer purebred dogs while mutts are having nests quite often.
This results in a lot of mutts being without a forever home.

In 2005 Colleen Paige created Mutt’s Day.
Because there are so many dogs from unknown ancestry in sanctuaries or even homeless, Colleen created 2 holidays for them hoping more of these dogs of unknown pedigree will get a well deserved  forever home.

Contrary to what people who prefer pure breeds believe, many dog breeds lately have birth defects because of repeated inbreeding and extreme standards for their appearances.
This problem is generally avoided in mixed breeds because of their wider genetic variation. Allowing for a dog with less health problems.

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