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Punk for a Day Day is celebrated every year on October 25.

When people talk about punk they talk about punk fashion.
The way punk began was probably in short:
It was the 1970-something…or something alike.
Youth facing economic and political crisis’s and older generations they could not identify with.
They had a lot of reasons to be very depressed and when you get in a sudden depression, you either sink down or you develop a coping mechanism.

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One of these coping mechanisms was the tried and true way of youngster through the ages of becoming obstinate and doing all kinds of things that the parents didn’t like.
And the most important part of being obstinate is to have fun with being obstinate!
Punk was a loud coping mechanism.
Punk was loud in emotions.
Punk was loud in music.
Punk was loud in colors!

Does punk still exist?
That depends on which definition of punk you use.
Many people nowadays who call themselves punk do face similar situations as the people in the seventies.
Others are merely punk fashion.
Can’t blame them…looks are a matter of taste.

Also punk rock is a clear music genre.
You can argue about what a genre precisely should contain,
but we leave that to the music critics and ‘gatekeepers’.


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