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Time of writing: April 3, 2020,
somewhere past noon….I think..
Here we sit in our houses trying to make the best
of a situation that may be challenging.
And we are not sure yet for how long..

The word “quarantine” comes from the word “quarantana”
which means “forty days”.

This originates from the procedure in Venetia
where in time of the black death epidemic
anyone and anything on a ship
had to be isolated 40 days
before they were allowed to go on shore.

But we are all in this together, so actually we have a situation where we try to make ourselves comfortable and we are all together apart doing it world wide with the same purpose.
While we all do our things mostly our own way, especially in the private comforts of our own abodes, patterns start to form of how people share rituals together at the same time.
Just like how we annually celebrate our major recurring holidays.
?That is starting to feel a lot like….. Quarantinemas!?

Digital Sharing Events
People share pictures and videos of doing stuff at home and even live streaming events are organized.
Event Organizers bring a taste of their events to live streaming, gaming groups game via video chat or online gaming platforms and live show hosts now do their show from home interviewing their guests via video chat.
While those events might not be made for this way of sharing, it is quite interesting to see people in their home being more casual and even more comfortable.
Pets walking in are a fun bonus!


Visual Scavenge Hunts
Some kids find the more empty streets and grim atmosphere quite intimidating.
People are putting stuff in their window to create a game where you can count bears, shamrocks or whatever theme your local scavenge hunt game has.

Candle in the Window

Between 20:00 and 21:00 in your local time light a candle or any other pretty light
to show respect for medical personal working overtime and risking their health during Quarantinemas.

Front Door Street Events

People make music, do exercises or even have bring-your-own-drinks neighbourhood parties, each in front or their own home to keep a safe distance, yet close enough to socialize.

Health on the Shelf
Many kids and dog toys look a lot like corona viruses.
Put them as decoration on a shelf as a tongue-in-cheek festive decoration.

So get comfy and let’s just all celebrate Quarantinemas. Because we have to. So let’s make the best of it!

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