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Celebrated every year on December 5.

Sachertorte is a very dense chocolate cake
with a layer of apricot jam on top
and then all covered in a layer of chocolate.
It is traditional to serve it with whipped cream.

Sachertorte was created by Franz Sacher in 1832
when he made a cake for Prince Wenzel von Metternich of Vienna.
Franz Sacher was then still a chef’s apprentice.
But this cake was quite a hit for this special occasion.
Recipes of chocolate cake with jam and chocolate have been around for longer.
But this specific combination went down in the family legacy when his son Eduard Sacher perfected the recipe for the sachertorte.

At the beginning of the century a legal battle took place over this cake
when the Sacher family lost their Hotel Sacher hotel and the son of Eduard Sacher, Eduard Jr. started working at the Demel bakery,
continuing the family tradition of making Sachertortes.
The new Hotel Sacher started selling “The Original Sachertorte” and sued Demel bakery for their Sacher Tortes made by an original member of the Sacher family.

After several decades of legal battle and other unpleasantness a settlement was reached where Hotel Sacher would call their Sachertorte “The Original Sachertorte”, using a round emblem on their cake.
Demel would call theirs “Eduard-Sacher-Torte” on their triangular emblem adorning their cakes.
Apparently the biggest difference between the 2 cakes are that
“The Original Sachertorte” has 2 layers of apricot jam
instead of the 1 layer that was still traditional in the Sachertorte of the Sacher family.

“Where there is cake, there is hope.
And there is always cake.”

— Dean Koontz


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