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Celebrated on the first Saturday after November 9

The first Sadie Hawkins Day was celebrated in the Li’l Abner comic of November 15, 1937 by Al Capp.
Sadie Hawkins was what was in that time called an “spinster” because she was still single at the age of 35.¬† Being¬†“homeliest gal in all them hills” made her father worried that she would live at home for the rest of her live. So he declared “Sadie Hawkins Day”, rounded up all the bachelors of that town and made them do a foot race with the rule that whomever Sadie would catch, she would marry.
The spinsters of the town decided to have a Sadie Hawkins day every year so they could get married too.
And they all lived…..ehm….not so happily ever after?

This race could be seen as the opposite plot of the Greek myth of Atalanta who let suitors race her, because she was reluctant to marry and would outrun any suitor anyway.
Those were stories in times where people had less communication about the importance of consent and personal boundaries.
These stories have lost a lot of their charm in the modern world.

In the real world the idea of women chasing men instead of men chasing women was adapted in, fortunately, a much nicer way.
Ever since we remember, even now, women are often discouraged from taking initiatives in approaching men.
Women who do ask men out or even approach them for a flirty talk are often seen as too eager or worse.
To break those restricting gender rules at least for one day, on Sadie Hawkins Day women are actively encouraged to ask men out for a date!
Who will be your choice of date for Sadie Hawkins Day?

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