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Saint Pancake

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Celebrated every year on November 29.

Saint Pancake originates from the Dutch comic “Jan, Jans en de kinderen” by Jan Kruis.
In 1986 a comic was published where the grandfather told a story about how when he was young every November 29 families would celebrate Sint Pannekoek (this is Dutch for Saint Pancake). The mother and children would sit at the dinner table with pancakes on their heads awaiting the father to come home from work and then chant “We wish you a happy and blessed Saint Pancake!”.
Inspired by his story the family decides to have Saint Pancake that day. Confusing the father when he comes home being greeted in the Saint Pancake manner.

Many readers loved this idea, showed it to their friends and family and actually began to celebrate Saint Pancake for real.

In response to the popularity of Saint Pancake celebrations Jan Kruis made an addition to the Saint Pancake story with
“The Legend of Saint Pancake”

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The story tells about a monastery where the monks are eating pancakes to celebrate the birthday of the youngest monk named Gerrit.
However, there were not enough pancakes. One of the monks had to go without a pancake.
To ad to the problems, there was a chilly November breeze coming through the cracks of the not very well insulated monastery.
The eldest monk was obviously suffering from the draft. So Gerrit took his warm pancake and put it on the head of the eldest, warming his head.
But in doing so, he was now left without a pancake.
Moved by his sacrifice an angel appeared with a golden skillet, flipping a delicious looking golden brown pancake. In a big flip the angel flipped the angelic pancake on the head of the young Gerrit.
The story got out and Gerrit became known as that very nice monk with the pancake birthday.
So Gerrit invited everybody in the neighborhood to his birthdays to eat pancakes with him and the monks.
And that was how he became known as Saint Pancake and how the holiday was started.

On a later date in the comics when the mother, Jans, stopped being a full time homemaker and got a job, the family surprised her with a Saint Pancake celebration:

The laziest man I ever met put popcorn in his pancakes
so they would turn over by themselves.

— W. C. Fields

At the official site for Sint Pannekoek you can find the full stories, tips on how to organize Saint Pancake on a bigger scale if you want to and a store to buy holiday cards drawn by the original artist Jan Kruis:


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