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By: snakehands

Kiss a Shark Day

Comic by Snakehands. Find more cute art from Snakehands on on Deviant Art

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  • Post published:10/01/2023
  • Reading time:1 mins read

Cuttlefish Day

The third day of the Cephalopod Awareness Days is Cuttlefish Day! We know cuttlefish mostly for their chalky spine sold widely for…

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  • Post published:10/10/2022
  • Reading time:1 mins read

World Turtle Day®

When: May 23 Where: Everywhere First occurrence: 2000 Hashtags: #Shellebrate #WorldTurtleDay #TurtleDay   Created by: American Tortoise Rescue How to attend: Do…

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  • Post published:23/05/2022
  • Reading time:1 mins read

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