Gruntled Workers Day ©

Brutus Day ©

There’s so much news about disgruntled workers that today’s the day for Gruntled Workers to Unite! Drive to a fast food restaurant and say, “Thanks, your service is fast. Have a nice day.”

Family History Day ©

Brutus Day ©

Every summer family reunions are so busy with bingo and volleyball, most of us forget the true purpose: to share the folklore, legends and myths that bind us together. Each participant is expected to share at least one good recollection (fact or fiction). Don’t forget the hot dogs and lemonade.

For Pete’s Sake Day ©

For Pete’s Sake Day

A world wonders: after all these years, who is Pete and why do we do or not do things for his sake?

Get A Different Name Day ©

For the pity of millions of us who hate our birth names. On this day we may change our names to whatever we wish and have the right to expect colleagues, family and friends to so address us.