Total Solar Eclipse

Visible in South part of Africa, parts of South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean and Antarctica

International Observe the Moon Night

International Observe the Moon Night

For the precise date of each year, visit: and see if they organize something cool relevant to you!

Annular Solar Eclipse

An annular solar eclipse occurs when the Moon is too far away to completely cover the Sun’s disk. This gives the effect of a more massive corona, which is the circle of light from the sun that you see around the edges of the moon. It’s quite pretty….when you look at it safely with eclipse glasses. …

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Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

A penumbral eclipse is an eclipse that is kinda…shady. Which is in a literal sense! Penumbral eclipse means  literally an almost eclipse. In this case it means that the sun, the earth and the moon are not quite perfectly linearly aligned and thus the moon is completely eclipsed with just the outer shadows from the …

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Full Beaver Moon

Full Beaver Moon

Full Beaver Moon is the popular name for the full moon in november. It is said that now is when the beavers decide that they have done enough work this year. In their cosy lodges the beavers go celebrate the winter holidays with their family and friends. At their dinner table of massive cherry wood …

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