Caplin Day

Also Known as Capybara Appreciation Day. Post capybara pictures and eat a popsicle.

Fancy Rat & Mouse Day

Celebrated every year on November 12. Fancy Rat & Mouse Day was created by the  American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association. The chose the date of November 12 because the American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association was founded on November 12 in 1983. And fancy those Rats and Mice are! There seems to be no end …

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Peter Gurney Day

Peter Gurney, the guinea pig man

March 9 celebrates the birthday of the late Peter Gurney, who was also known as “the Guinea Pig Man”. Peter Gurney did many tings in life, but his global legacy is how he encouraged a better health care for guinea pigs, in a world where veterinarian services mostly focus on cattle, cats and dogs and …

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