Celebrated every year on January 6

The opinions on when to clean up the winter holiday decorations differ a lot.
Some people take them down immediately after the Second Day of Christmas.
Other people just wait until all the needles have fallen off, when it’s a natural tree.
But when taking all the Christmas related holiday in consideration and add up several practical reasons a good date seems to be January 6.
This is because it is exactly after the 12 days of Christmas, we’ve done pretty much a full month of celebrating and we cleaned up our acts mostly doing New Years Resolutions.

So now it is time to put your artificial tree back in storage or release the natural tree back into the wild…..or trash or burn it when the tree didn’t survive.
Some regions collect the dead trees and burn them in a final bonfire.
Other places silently dispose of those trees who died for our holidays.
Farewell trees. You were beautiful.

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