Celebrated every year on July 8

The date of Video Games Day is roughly similar with the time that Space Invaders was released in the summer of 1978, a time which can be seen as the dawn of the Golden Age of Video Games.
Space Invaders was an instant success and some arcade halls ran successfully with only Space Invaders machines.
The interest that games like Space Invaders instilled for computer games gave quite a boost to the software industry as well as the hardware industry.

Technically, the first video games were made in 1950 to demonstrate certain functions of computers doing interactive simulations. Those computers were huge and merely made for special demonstrations.
In the years following, simulations were made for military strategy and business management simulations.
In the early 70ies video games became accessible to the public in the form of coin operated arcade games. These were already quite addictive. But the machines were bulky and expensive.

It took some more developing and the introduction of classics like Space Invaders and later Pac Man when in the late 70ies and the 80ies following arcade games really took off and could be played in arcade halls, snack bars and many other public places.
In the 80ies personal computers rose in popularity for all kinds of professional uses, but of course were mainly used for games.
And here we are playing games that stimulate all our senses in the comfort of our homes with the world on our fingertips.

How to celebrate Video Game Day?
Of course by playing video games.

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