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Celebrated every year on February 24

World Bartender Day celebrates one of the oldest professions of the world ever since the very first party animals (actual animals in this case) learned the effects of fermented fruits and how to separate, refine and mix them.
We like to think humans invented the finer craft of making drinks.
And according to archaeological finds we might be right because humans are known for their elaborate use of tools.
Like the simple invention of containers to store drinks in long enough to turn alcoholic.

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We can imagine easily how someone who was good at fermenting drinks in just the right way could become really popular and would get really good deals when trading stuff for drinks.
Thus creating the very first bar tabs.

The modern profession of bartending doesn’t necessarily involve fermenting and distilling drinks anymore.
But it does require the skill to pour a fizzy drink with the exact right amount of foam, carrying a heavy tray without spilling while evading anyone who does not watch where they walk and the skill of how to make some of the popular basic mix drinks.
The more crafty bartenders know hundreds of mixes by heart and can even give a show while pouring and mixing.

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Often bartenders also have the job to know when someone had enough or need some kind of help for any reason.
Sometimes the job of a bartender is a job that requires a broad skill set.

Appreciate a bartender today or try to do some of the skills yourself.
It can be a fun profession but you will notice there is more to it beneath the surface.
When life gives a bartender lemons, that bartender knows a gazillion ways to make a great cocktail with them!

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