Celebrated every year on the second Friday in October


World Egg Day was declared at the IEC Vienna 1996 conference. It was decided that World Egg Day would be celebrated on the second Friday in October each year.

The egg has been food to us since at least millennia ago when we as omnivorous hunters-gatherers discovered that stealing eggs from poor birds, who just instinctual tried to start a family, provided us with very easy and very versatile nutrients that are hard to find in plants.
Eggs are one of the main reasons how such an inefficient species like the humans could become omnivores.
Because eggs are much easier to gather than meat. The only protein source easier than eggs is insects and larvae. Probably eggs are one of the main reasons most humans no longer want to eat insects. Because we don’t have to anymore.
(Though people who still eat insects and larvae claim that they are actually quite the delicacy if you are not learned to be averse to it.)



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