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Celebrated every year on a different day in March,
which is often either March 14 or the first Wednesday in March


World Math Day was created by 3P Learning and first held in 2007 on March 14.
March 14 is also Pi Day, which is mathematically funny.
Almost a hundred countries participated in that first year with around 287.000 students answering the challenges.
In the following years World Math Day has been held on the first Wednesday of March.

Bru-nO / Pixabay

In 2010 World Math Day started creating other events in addition to World Math Day.
First in 2010 World Math Day created a Guinness World Record for the Largest Online Math Competition.
In the following year World Math Day also created World Spelling Day and the day encompassing both events was now called World Education Games.
And a year later World Science Day was created to complete the fun.
Somewhere after the last World Education Games event in 2015 however, the day was simply called World Math Day again.
World Math Day is currently supported by UNICEF as a global charity.

The online activities of World Math Day involve mathletics where limited time is given to answer questions that get increasingly difficult.
This requires not only intelligence, but also quick thing.
Hence the term “mathletics” because it tests both strength and agility of ones thinking.
The top eleven winners are awarded gold medals.

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