Celebrated every year on October 1

World Vegetarian Day was created by the North American Vegetarian Society in 1977.

This is a great day to either celebrate being a vegetarian or take a day off from pestering vegetarians about having a different diet.
So no fighting today over diets!

Vegetarianism is not the same as veganism.
Vegans eat no animal products at all,
Vegetarians often still eat dairy and/or eggs.

Getting all your nutrients as a vegetarian is very easy, because animal products have a lot of the nutrients that are also in meat.
Mainly zinc and vitamin B12 are nutrients that vegans have more difficulty to find in a full plant diet.
Good thing we have those wonderful pills to aid in our health so we can eat however we please!

One of my favorites is fried tofu.
Many recipes tell you to dry end press and freeze your tofu before frying for the ultimate bite.
But I am way too lazy to prepare my meals far in advance, so I just fry the hell out them, till they are crispy golden brown, like this:

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